May 28, 2020


May 28, 2020


To our HAIDES community,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you good health and hope that both you and your families are safe and well. As we prepare to open our doors to the public, we are proud to introduce a new standard operational plan as per WorkSafeBC’s recommended guidelines.

The health and safety of our clients, staff and community continues to be our top priority while continuing to provide you with the utmost quality and experience.

We ask you kindly to read the following before booking and arriving for
your appointments.

Client Protocols:

  1. No washrooms available* Please use the washroom before entering the shop.
  2. Please wait in your car or outside the shop until we notify you via text or call for you to come in for your appointment. If you do not have a phone we can contact you on, please line up outside of the shop and we will come get you. There is currently no waiting room.
  3. No additional guests other than the booked client will be allowed in the shop. If you require special accommodations, please let us know ahead of time in order to plan your assisted appointment.
  4. No waiting in the shop after your appointment.
  5. We will not be holding any jackets, hats, or bags.
  6. Be prepared to answer a screening questionnaire and go through a sanitation station including temperature check prior to your appointment. Clients registering a fever will be asked to seek medical assistance and will be refused service.
  7. Face masks MUST BE worn before entering the shop. If you have your own mask, please bring it. If you do not have your own, we can provide one for $1.50
  8. Aside from your barber or stylist, we ask you to please be aware of the social distancing standard of 6 feet (2 meters) at all times.
  9. Be prepared to pay at the beginning of the service. Debit or Credit tap is preferred
  10. If you are feeling any symptoms, please cancel your appointment with us. Clients who have had symptoms in the last 10 days will be asked to reschedule their appointment.
  11. If you have travelled outside of the country, you are required to self quarantine for 14 days before booking your appointment.
  12. If at any point during your time here, any staff member feels their health could be compromised, we have the full right to refuse service. We kindly ask that everyone enters our doors with the same consideration you would expect for good health and a clean/sanitized environment

Staff Protocols:

  1. All staff members will be required to complete training for new procedures before being permitted to work.
  2. All staff members will be required to wear a mask, gloves and apron.
  3. All staff members will be practicing good hygiene and washing their hands frequently throughout the day as well as changing gloves.
  4. There will be 15 minutes between each appointment in order to fully sanitize, including all tools, capes, stations, hands, and chairs.
  5. All stations will be kept with 6 feet (2 meters) apart at all times.
  6. Barbers will have a maximum of six clients per day.
  7. The shop will be thoroughly cleaned at the start and end of each day as well as full station clean between services.

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