Inspired by the history and culture of Greek mythology, the name Haides derives from the Greek God of the Underworld. Often compared to a dark place of fire and suffering, the concept of Haides is known to be a negative place. 

The truth is Haides is a place of after life; a place of judgement based on how you’ve lived. It is neither negative nor positive. It is simply a place where all “souls” go when their time on Earth is done. The stigma that Haides is a hell-like world is similar to that stigma of our city - Surrey. It is often seen as a negative place where no growth or opportunity lies, when in fact, it is a place opposite to that. It’s home for all classes of society overflowing with immense talent and potential.

We as Haides embrace that stigma. By leading the spark of change, we want to create and show the city and world that however you judge us, we will be creating and offering the best services and products regardless of opinions.

Haides has built its foundation on a vision inspired by the idea of change and growth in the city and it’s people. With the main focus to offer the best experience in services and products, Haides will continue to hold its vision in high regards to lead the change and spark growth for the future.

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